A simple, reliable way to keep track of everyday things

Did you remember to...

  • Take your pills?

    "I used to take several pills every morning when I got up. I'd come back after a cup of coffee and have no idea whether I took the pills. With Positimer, there's never any doubt!" -- L. Redbone, Valdosta, GA

  • Walk the dog?

    "In our hectic household, I never know if anyone took the dog out. I'd come home and interrogate the kids, the nanny, my husband. It was so frustrating. With Positimer, I know exactly how long it's been since she went!" -- S. Bee, New York, NY

  • Eat your veggies?

    "I love leftovers, but my wife is deathly afraid of them. If she thinks anything's been in the fridge for more than a minute, she throws it out. With Positimer, she can see that the leftovers aren't even a day old." -- H. Simpson, Springfield, IL